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Brian Hamilton and I, off and on for nearly a year, have met to play on a week night at the Crest Pier (where we had our Annual meeting in December). We have played an eclectic assortment of games--including board. I have enjoyed the venue (it is free) and the hospitality of the borough's recreation staff on duty. The summer season is a no-go because the facility is totally devoted to children's camps and activities for the jillions of folks who flock to the shore for one-week/two-week vacations (or even longer). But October through say mid-May, I don't think anything would pre-empt our being able to schedule a routine week night for some game playing. Brian and I usually go from 5:30 to 8:30, but perhaps that time can be adjusted to slightly later time slot to accommodate those who would dive 30/45 minutes to get there. Also, we have normally met on a Tuesday or Thursday nights; however, Friday nights would be good for me as well. We might even consider a Saturday afternoon?

Anyway, I am putting this idea out there to see who would like to meet more than just the once a month at CMCH. Here is a chance also to try our hands at some for the games we like but don't often get on the featured calendar on our regular game day. I, for one, like Konflikt '47, Dracula's America, Test of Honor, and several board games  to which Brian has introduced me.  We could do it weekly; or bi-weekly. I just think a regular schedule would enable us to get established, especially with the rec center folks who might even protect our time slot and room when they see we are routine users.

Share your thoughts if you like? I can coordinate with the rec center once we come up with a concept and a schedule. 

Samuel V. Wilson, Jr.
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You can count me in! 

I'd prefer Thursday nights. 
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Bill Cloer HalfDayStudio
I can do thursdays but I have Fireside Chats at the Brewery until 5pm from now until Mid-March.  So, 6 is probably the earliest i can be there.  Ted is also offering us space to play in the Villas when he opens (and I will have a key as well...), probably March.  Assuming K47, I have (Heavy) Americans and I'm working on a small German SS Recon platoon. Kai wants to play and can field Finnish.  If Christine gets involved (and she wants to), she'll have Russians. Keith said he's in (British) and possibly his roommate, Mike (Germans).  Small games to start, 500 points or so?
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I would be interested in attending occasionally, especially if a regular schedule can be establish.  My current PT work schedule at the CVS in Marmora is pretty random.  I usually work 3 or 4 days per week, sometimes mornings ( 8 - 2/3/4 ), but mostly evenings ( 2/3/4 - 10 ) and the days vary from week to week. When I'm not working or catering to the wife whims I go to the Nerdvana game store in EHT on Tuesdays for their Family Boardgame Nite, but they have something going on every day i.e. Monday Miniatures, Friday Magic.  On Thursdays I would normally avoid the Pokemon / Yu Gi Oh event at Nerdvana and go the Cape May County Library in Court House for their Adult Game Nite ( 6:00 - 8:30ish pm ).  On 3rd Wednesdays ( TONIGHT 1/15/20 ) the Ocean City Library on 18th Street hosts a Game Nite For Grownups from 5:00 - 8:30ish.  It's probably my favorite venue.  On 1st Fridays ( 1/3/20, 2/7/20, etc. ) I join other members of the South Jersey Gaming League ( a FaceBook group ) at the Sea View Baptist Church on Shore Road in Linwood from 6:00 - 11:00ish ).  So keep posting reminders here and if conditions permit, I'll consider making the 45 min trek to WWC.  I have over 100 board games in my collection and keep a tub or two of several games in my car all the time..
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