Samuel V. Wilson, Jr. SJGASam
Fellow Gamers,

Happy New Year!

Please find attached the proposed agenda for our upcoming meeting. I have enclosed the final status of all motions passed at our annual meeting and our adopted calendar for 2020, respectively

Reminder: our first quarterly swap meet of the year is also scheduled for the January Game Day. 

See you there!

Samuel V. Wilson, Jr.
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For an alternative I’ll bring a Napoleonic game using General d’Armee rules in 15mm for Saturday’s game day. Charleroi- The Battle at Gilly. June 15,1815. Part of the Hundred Days Campaign, the game will feature Napoleon’s Armee du Nord trying to force a crossing over the Sambre River. The Prussians must conduct a delaying action.  Ted
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Our scheduled game is Erewhon with the Orcs attacking the Dwarves and the High Elves coming to the Dwarved rescue.
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Since I don't have permission to start a new TOPIC, I figured this to be the best place to post the following message that I received via email : 


Springfield Day of Games Saturay Jan 25th

Jan 22 at 12:58 PM

Cliff Brunken <>



Hello All,

This will be our final Day of Games for 2019! We posted 2020 schedule for first 6 months for planning purposes. Come out and have some fun. We had a good local Fall-In at Valley Forge Casino.  The new venue was spread out and hard to find some game rooms, but overall I liked Fall-In @ VF Casino and resort.


Hope to see you at Games Day.

*** Season 2 of the WAMP Pulp Adventures premiers in January 2020!  Don't miss it!

***Ret Con- Day of Games- Feb 8th

***Springfield Day of Games- Feb 22nd

***Cold Wars- March 12th-14th

 Day of Games $5 for the day  9 AM until 9 PM.

Google Me
Covenant United Methodist Church
212 W Springfield RD
Springfield PA 19064-2402
Corner of Springfield Ave and Saxer Ave


Morning on Saturday 

Cliff presentS - 10 AM

ACW- Antietam (Early in the day)

Scale: 15 mm

Rules: Fire & Fury

Gleam of Bayonets through the Cornfield. North vs South in a day that saw the most causalities of the War.


Pat Presents

Von Wissman Column- "the Relief of Pangani"- Start at Noon

Rules: Modifed FOW

Scale: 15 mm

Von Wissman has built his force and now he will take the fight to the rebels. On the road to relieve the City of Bwana Heri meets up with Abushiri and puts up a hasty defense.

Jeff Kimmel Presents - 10 AM

Rules: Chain of Command

Size; 28 mm 

Early War WWII with Soviet Cavalry


John Mitchell Presents - 9:30 AM

Ashes to Ashes and Dust to DUST

Rules; DUST Tactics

Scale: Unknown

Tim Wardwell Presents - 

Battle Tech Demo games


Afternoon on Saturday 

Lou Valenti Presents - 

Peloponnesian War 

15 mm- Gods of War rules

Great ancient Battles of the Peloponnesian Wars- Athens vs Sparta among others Greek City States.


Cliff B, Lord Hollier, Rusty and Tom Uhl Presents

Quatre Bra 1815

Scale: 15 mm

Rules: Shako II

Wellington and the Anglo-Allies defend the cross roads at Quatre Bra. Napoleon plans on crushing these Allies since he already smashed the Prussian Army at Ligny.


End of Evening 6 PM

Lou V Presents - 

Mike the Store Owner and the gang are imprisoned by Evil George!  A New Power is Rising, Its victory is at hand!  This night, the land will be stained with blood!  New Prussia will conquer all!  All that stands in its way, is Jesse and Septa Bus 112.

*  Season 2 of the WAMP Pulp Adventures premiers January 25, 2020!  Don't miss it!


Pick-up Games 

Tanks, FoW, Team Yankee, Kings of War, X-wing, Star Wars Armada, Command and Colors, Cruel Seas and ADLG ancients

Several restaurants in 2 mile radius.
Thanks and hope to see you there
 Day of Games Staff

P.S. Directions to the Church in Springfield

January 25th is game day at Covenant United Methodist Church. Blue route to Marple/Springfield exit.
Take Rt#1 towards the City go under the "underpass" and the 2nd light make right onto Springfield Ave
Pass soccer fields on you Right and travel about 3 lights. On the corner of Saxer Ave and Springfield Road is the Church 

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Brian Hamilton SJGABrian
I looked at your profile, John, and there don't seem to be any blocks that would stop you from posting.
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Have already made plans to go
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 Maybe it's just in this Category of "Upcoming Meetings" - no problem.  I was in a hurry and didn't want to research or experiment the issue,  I have created New Topics on other pages, but the New Topic button above still displays the warning message "YOU DON'T HAVE PERMISSION!"  
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