Samuel V. Wilson, Jr. SJGASam
Fellow Members,
Please find below the proposed agenda for this Saturday's meeting.

 Agenda for SJGA Meeting

February 8, 2020 

I. Call to Order
II. Approval of previous meeting's minutes
III. Financial Report
IV. Old Business
     A. Schedule of Featured Gamed Day games
          1. February: Blood & Plunder II (John Goodhand)
          2. March: Marauders III (Sam Wilson)
          3. April Charleroi III (John Stanoch)
          4. May: Rebels & Patriots (Ted Poltorak)
          5. June: Warmaster
          6. July: Pickett's Charge (Ted Poltorak)
          7. August:
          8. September:
          9. October: Antares VI (Sam Wilson)
    B. Other Old Business
V. New Business
    A. Greet guests & visitors
    B. SJGA Logo dice (Brian Hamilton)
    C. Other New Business
VI. Adjournment. (Next Game Day--March 21, 2020)


SJGA Meeting Dates for 2020


Jan 11#

Feb 8

Mar 21*

Apr 11#

May 9

Jun 20*

Jul 18*#

Aug 8

Sep 12

Oct 10#

Nov 14

Dec 12


Note: the dates marked with an * reflect adjustments to accommodate the events below: 

Mar 14: Cold Wars

Jun 13: NJ Con

Jul 11: Historicon

Other Key Dates: 

Oct 17: Kozcon

Oct 24: Fall In 


#Quarterly Swap Meets: January, April, July & October

Samuel V. Wilson, Jr.
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