Samuel V. Wilson, Jr. SJGASam
Fellow club members,

Please find cut-and-pasted below the draft minutes from our recent meeting.


Minutes of SJGA Meeting


In accordance with its constitution and by-laws, the South Jersey Gamers Association (SJGA), met on (1/11/2020) at the Senior Center, CMCH, NJ, beginning at 12:00 pm).

  1. Call to Order. The meeting was called to order with nine members attending.
  2. Approval of Minutes. The minutes were unanimously approved as previously posted on the association’s forum page without exception.
  3. Financial Report. The treasurer reported that our checking account had $1009.73 as of December 31, 2019. The cash box had $40.00 in petting cash. Total amount: $1049.73. The financial report was received, pending the end-of-year 2020 audit. John Stanoch is looking into a free install program to use for the club’s bookkeeping.
  4. Old Business. Upcoming Featured Game Schedule.

      A. January:   Erehwon (Bill Perry)

      B. February: Blood and Plunder (John Goodhand)

      C. March:     Campaign to Myitkyina (Sam Wilson)

      D. April:        Charleroi III (John Stanoch)

      E. May:         Rebels and Patriots (Ted Poltorak)

      F. June:        Warmaster (Brian Hamilton??)

      G. July:         Picket’s Charge (Ted Poltorak)


     V.  New Business.

      A.  Trustees have appointed the following officers for calendar year 2020:

President:  Sam Wilson (one-year term extension); Vice President: John Goodhand (two-year term); Secretary: Brandon Kordeck (two-year term); and Treasurer: John Stanoch (two-year term). Sam needs to go to the bank with the approved minutes of this meeting to update the new officers names to the account on file.

      B.  Brandon Kordeck brought up creating a website instead of replacing

      the community discussion forum currently in use.  Cost per year,

      before taxes, is $156.00.  Website creation would not start until after

      May 2020. However, Brandon will research advertising and Google

      search availability. Sam suggested we aim for end of the year to make

      any online service change since we have already paid a full-year’s

      license for the current discussion forum service.

     VI.  Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 12:33 p.m.


     Respectfully Submitted,

     /s/Brandon Kordeck,


Samuel V. Wilson, Jr.
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